A Guide on Code to Recharge MTN Lines

Code to Recharge MTN Lines

Code to Recharge MTN Lines – Gone are the days of memorizing network-specific codes for different tasks. In Nigeria, a recent change implemented by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) streamlined the process for mobile network subscribers. This means that all mobile network providers, including MTN, now utilize a single set of USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes for various services. 

This article serves as a comprehensive guide for MTN users in Nigeria, focusing specifically on the code to recharge MTN and other essential USSD codes.

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The New Code to Recharge MTN

Previously, MTN users relied on the familiar *555* code to recharge their lines. However, the new standardised code for recharging any mobile network in Nigeria, including MTN, is now *311* Recharge PIN #. Here’s how to use it:

1. Dial *311* on your MTN phone.

2. Enter the 16-digit recharge PIN number from your MTN recharge voucher or digital top-up.

3. Press the hash key.

4. You will receive a confirmation message on your phone screen notifying you of a successful recharge.

Using the code to recharge MTN is a convenient and secure way to top up your airtime. Remember, this code applies to all recharge methods, including vouchers, online top-up platforms, and mobile banking options.

Other Important MTN USSD Codes

While the code to recharge MTN is the primary focus, here are some other helpful USSD codes for MTN users in Nigeria:

Check Balance: Dial *310# to view your current MTN airtime balance.

Buy Data Plans: Access MTN’s data bundle options by dialing *312#. 

Check Data Balance: Keep track of your remaining data by dialing *323#.

Share Data: Want to share some of your data with another MTN user? Dial *321# to access the data sharing menu.

Borrow Airtime: In a pinch? MTN offers an airtime borrowing service. Simply dial *303# for details. 

Value-Added Services (VAS): Manage your MTN subscriptions and VAS options by dialing *305#.

Link NIN to SIM: Ensure your MTN SIM card is compliant with regulations by dialing *996# to link your National Identification Number (NIN).

By familiarizing yourself with these essential USSD codes, you can easily manage your MTN account without needing to navigate through menus or contact customer care.

Benefits of Using USSD Codes for MTN Services

There are several advantages to using USSD codes for managing your MTN services, including:

Convenience: USSD codes offer a quick and easy way to access various MTN services directly from your phone. No internet connection is required, making them accessible even in areas with limited connectivity. 

Security: USSD codes eliminate the risk of entering sensitive information on websites or apps. You only need to enter the recharge PIN or confirmation details directly on your phone.

Universality: With the implementation of standardized codes, you no longer need to remember different codes for different networks. The same set of codes applies to all mobile network providers in Nigeria.

Cost-Effectiveness: There are no additional charges for using USSD codes. You only pay for the service you are accessing, such as airtime recharge or data purchase.

The code to recharge MTN and other USSD codes empower you to manage your mobile experience efficiently and securely.

Alternative Recharge Methods for MTN

While USSD codes are a popular option, there are other ways to recharge your MTN line:

  • Online Recharge Platforms: Numerous online platforms and mobile apps allow you to recharge your MTN line with ease. These platforms typically offer various payment options, including debit cards, credit cards, and bank transfers.
  • Mobile Banking: Many Nigerian banks integrate MTN recharge options directly into their mobile banking apps. If you use mobile banking for your financial transactions, this can be a convenient way to top up your airtime.
  • MTN Retail Outlets: You can also visit authorized MTN retail outlets or dealerships to recharge your line with cash.
  • The code to recharge MTN provides a readily available option, but these alternative methods offer flexibility depending on your preference and accessibility.


With the implementation of standardized USSD codes and various recharge options, MTN users have a range of convenient ways to manage their mobile accounts. Whether you prefer the simplicity of the code to recharge MTN or explore alternative methods, staying connected on the MTN network is easier than ever. This guide equips you with the knowledge to navigate the new system and keep your MTN line up and running.


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