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Hello Dear Instructors,

It is not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.

How it Works

Every Learner can Use our LMS

With little or no technical knowledge, pupils, students, trainees and employees can use our LMS with ease.

Login as an Learner

You must have been added as a learner and sent an invitation via email. Accept the invitation and verify your email, update your profile and join your first class.

Join a Class(es)

Join a class(es) with your unique class access codes or via email invitation. Gain access to the courses, quizzes, assignments, test and polls created by the instructor.

Enjoy Learning

Learn from quality instructional and skill based resources. Engage with other learners and monitor your progress with ease.

21st century learning

Our LMS is Learner-Centred

Our e-learning platform is everything a Learning Management System should be, and more.

Course Management

Create multi-modal digital content - notes, images, videos, pdf, slides, sheets, etc. - and administer them on selected groups of learners, without any technical know-how


Evaluate learners’ performance by administering quizzes, tests or examinations in the form of Multiple Choice Questions; True/False; short or long answer questions.


Track your class learning goals and learners' performance with our actionable and insightful reports. See what progress is made, so you can personalize learning the more.

Social Learning

Engage and collaborate with instructors and colleagues. 82% of workers prefer a collaborative environment to a competitive one.

Surveys and Polls

Instructors and trainers can create polls and surveys in order to find out learners' opinion regarding a subject matter. Valuable feedback would be gotten to guide decisions.


Functions like an innovative notice board. Instructors can broadcast announcements and lesson content to their learners as a group or individually.

Our LMS Benefits

What an Instructor can do with an LMS

Gopius puts learners first! With our Learning Management System, you can:

  • Gather your digital learning materials in one place.
  • Make learning materials accessible to all your learners anywhere, anytime.
  • Create different groups of learners, according to their class or departments.
  • Easily assess and develop students regularly.
  • Save time and expenses.
  • Set unified learning standards.
  • Enjoy Mobile learning.
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