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LMS for blended learning in Universities, polytechnics and others

The Solution for your Institution

Whether primary, secondary or higher education institution, your school gets more flexible with our LMS for schools. Educators can engage young minds, students can reach their full potentials, schools stay organized, while scaling higher. Gopius help create amazing learning for all.

How it Works for Schools

Gopius is easy to set up for your School

Register Your Institution

Register/Signup and indicate that you are representing a primary or secondary school.

White Label

Customize your dashboard to reflect your institution's brand. Add all user types - administrators, teachers and pupils or students.

Enjoy Learning

Digitize your learning content that are appealing to kids, share resources, monitor your learners' performance and create unforgetable learning experience.

Some of our LMS Features

Why Schools Prefer our LMS

Our e-learning platform is everything a Learning Management System should be, and more.

Course Management

Create multi-modal digital content - notes, images, videos, pdf, slides, sheets, etc. - and administer them on selected groups of learners, without any technical know-how


Assess your learners by administering quizzes, tests, assignments, surveys, and polls. Get valuable feedback that would guide your decisions.


Track your organisation's learning goals with our actionable and insightful reports. See what progress is made, so you can personalize learning.


Hold live classes with your learners using our video and audio conferencing tool. There are no limits to the number of students and time.


No need to worry about installations, maintenance and backups, our digital workspace can accommodate all and more. We guarantee 100% security.

White Label

Enjoy corporate brand reflection by customizing your e-learning platform to fit your organisation. Create branches, departments and classes, just like real life.

Our LMS Benefits

What Your School can do with our LMS

Gopius puts learners first! With our Learning Management System, you can:

  • Gather your digital learning materials in one place.
  • Make learning materials accessible to all your learners anywhere, anytime.
  • Create different groups of learners, according to their class or departments.
  • Easily assess and develop students regularly.
  • Save time and expenses.
  • Set unified learning standards.
  • Enjoy Mobile learning.
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