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This online course is a compilation of various topics ranging from the basics/rudiments to the complex aspects of the use of English Language. Each session/class of this course contains a comprehensive analysis of quintessential aspects of English language to give grounded knowledge of the arbitrary nature of the language as a whole. Various topics under the broad aspects of grammar, semantics, syntax, morphology, comprehension and oral forms are discussed extensively.
It adopts a simple and straightforward approach with copious illustrations to enhance all learners’ assimilation in both oral and written forms thereby overcoming the prevalent phobia for English Language for better academic and day to day performance.

What you will learn

By the end of this course, you will learn:

  • The categorization of words in English language
  • How to summarize and comprehend passages in shorter possible timeframes
  • The lexico-semantic relationship of words in English language and best ways to use them
  • The concord and rules of English language
  • How to correctly pronounce all the English vocal sounds and how to identify sounds with different letter combinations
  • The common errors in English language and how to avoid them
What you will benefit

This government tutorial video series is meant to appeal to four types of audience:

  • Students

    For students considering or starting a degree in English or literary studies, or for those requiring a basic grounding in the Use of English Language before embarking on post-graduate study in a related field, as well as any other related field of study. The Use of English tutorials is intended to serve as a useful orientation and preparation tool.

  • Teachers

    For teachers/tutors of English Language at any level who may choose to complement their course materials offered by world renowned scholars in an innovative format, particularly suitable for the digital generation. They will find that the course acts as a rich and interactive online textbook and a useful reference tool.

  • O’Level Examination Candidates

    Students preparing for any O’ level examination on Government, which includes JAMB, WAEC, NECO, to mention a few. even candidates preparing for university entrance examinations such as Post UTME, SAT, even TOEFL and ESL would benefit greatly from this course.

  • Other interested persons

    For anyone else who is interested in a better understanding and speaking of English language.

Also included are expert instructions which would improve on the existing basic information widely known. It is also self-paced and personalised learning. Which means, the user can learn at his own pace and convenience, with the instrumentality of pause, playback and play. There is also, a forum where questions can be asked privately via the Gopius Learning Management System (LMS) class for Use of English as well as via the comment column provided, and speedy answers reached almost immediately.

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