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Gopius LMS

Online Learning Management System for blended learning.

Gopius is an innovative e-learning platform that provides quality educational resources to support learning. It is endowed with 21st century teaching and learning tools to foster positive collaboration, knowledge construction and real-world problem-solving among instructors and learners. Gopius help create amazing learning for all.

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Why Choose Gopius LMS

Engage your learners in ways they will never forget

You can learn better ways to become a 21st century teacher and create amazing learning opportunities for your learners.
Whether you are a lecturer, a teacher or any individual, who has some set of learners, here are some reasons why you should consider incorporating this technological innovation into your instructional delivery:

1. Gopius LMS can be used by instructors to build an online learning conversation with your students on your courses or subjects.
2. Can be used to blend offline learning with online learning (blended learning) with ease.
3. Students enjoy using innovative technologies and social media, even in learning.
4. Teaching is made easier and smarter.
5. Instructional delivery can take place anywhere and anytime.
6. Helps instructors in making their teaching and learning student-focused.
7. Even as it is online, the teacher still has full control of his class.

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